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Professional Housekeeper in Greenville

If you’re looking for the best professional housekeeper in Greenville, we can help! We offer residential cleaning, before and after-party clean up, Spring cleaning, commercial cleaning, pet and house sitting, move in and move out prep, mother-in-law visit prep, errand running, holiday decorating, and holiday cleanup. Whatever you need, let us know.

We’ll clean your bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, living room, and den, pretty much from top to bottom. We’ll go beyond picking up and washing dishes, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and so on. When we’re done, what you’ll end up with is exactly what you wanted. A spotless cleaned room that you can be proud to invite people into.

Check out our website to see the detailed list of options to choose from. You’ll note that most options are standard, but some options are only available upon requests, such as cleaning your refrigerator, oven, doing laundry, and sweeping porches and desks. If something isn’t on the list, let us know, and we’ll figure out if it’s feasible for us to do it. We don’t do carpet shampooing or washing outside windows, but we’re otherwise happy to accommodate our clients whenever possible.

So, if you’re ready for a professional housekeeper in Greenville who can turn your home or office into a showroom, call or check out our website, and we’ll get started. You’ll have the option to request an estimate, which can vary due to the size, location, and effort required. We provide all the cleaning products and equipment in the price, but we’re happy to use yours if you prefer. Also, we accept cash and check only at this time. Thanks, we look forward to our visit.

Helpful tips: https://housekeeper.com/qualities-of-a-great-housekeeper

  • Find the best professional housekeeper in Greenville by visiting our website.

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